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Team HB's Teemu Leino at the EFRA 1/10th IC Euros

News Article Image 2015090101

Team HB factory driver Teemu Leino is at the huge EFMOD racing facility in Izmir, Turkey, on the west coast of the country at the EFRA 1/10th Touring IC European Championships. He's racing the HB R10 car and stopped to give us his views on the week so far ahead of the qualifying rounds, which started today.  Teemu says, "Today it's going pretty good, qualifying is just about to start for us and the facility is one of the nicest in...Continue Reading

by Teemu Leino

Team HB at European Buggy Championship Warm-Up in Italy

News Article Image 2015051401

This year 1/8 buggy Euro's will be in Sacile, Italy. Track and facility is very nice and its placed next to the alps so view is nice as well.  From HB HPI racing we had David Ronnefalk, Reno Savoya and me attending for this race. Practice was on friday and saturday half day so we had many practice rounds as there was not that many entries this year at warm up. Even there was not as many entries as past years most of the top drivers were...Continue Reading

by Teemu Leino

Teemu Sets the Pace at the 1/10th Nitro Touring Car Worlds

News Article Image 2014111102

Team HB's Teemu Leino leads the way at the IFMAR Worlds in Bangkok, Thailand, driving his R10 faster than all the other racers in the first and second rounds of controlled practice.  Teemu had this to say about his performance so far: "The track has a lot of grip and is very bumpy, so finding a setup was very difficult. I fired myself as my mechanic and let (Team HB mechanic) Miyashita take over, and he helped me get the best run in P1....Continue Reading

by Teemu Leino

Teemu Holds onto Fastest Practice Time After Round 3

News Article Image 2014111104

With one more round of controlled practice remaining, Teem Leino is still at the top of the timing sheets at the IFMAR 1/10th Nitro Touring Car World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand.  Improving on his Round 1 time by just 4 thousandths of a second over his fastest 3-lap pace, the cooler conditions of Round 3 helped the Team HB driver pull just slightly farther ahead of the competition, many of whom who are improving their pace with...Continue Reading

by Teemu Leino

Post-Race: Teemu Leino at the 1/10th IC 200mm European Championships

News Article Image 2014081604

The final started well, I knew I just had to keep up with Robert, but after the second or third refueling, the fuel tank broke, I thought it was the engine going rich because the car wasn't shifting into second, but it was the fuel tank broken, it was a little bit open. And then it finally broke after the 35 minute mark when we were getting refueled, then my mechanic changed to a new fuel tank and the engine was running perfect again so I lost...Continue Reading

by Teemu Leino

1/10th IC 200mm European Championships: Post-Qualifying from Teemu Leino

News Article Image 2014081603

So for qualifying, the first round I wasn't able to do the warmup because I couldn't start the engine, but the track was the fastest that time of the day so that was my fastest run. The second run we had rain one heat before so we had no grip, in the third round there was too much sun so again we didn't improve, in the fourth round no one improved because of the track conditions, but still, qualified well, so into the Semi, hoping that goes...Continue Reading

by Teemu Leino

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