Need Help?

If you've got a question about a HPI Racing product you'd like to ask, please check out the following sections which will tell you who to contact in your language.

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To ask a question in the US, please contact support by email or call our service center on (217) 398-0007.

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To ask a question in the UK, then please see the FAQ/Knowledge Base available on the HPI Racing UK website for support via email or Telephone.

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In Deutschland und Österreich können Sie einen Händler in Ihrer Nähe mit Hilfe der LRP-Händlersuche finden.

Technischer Support
Service-Anfragen aus Deutschland und Österreich schicken Sie bitte an:
Oder per Telefon über die LRP-Technik-Hotline.

Swiss flag

Schweiz suchen, wenden Sie sich bitte an Neidhard Distributing,

Service-Anfragen aus der Schweiz schicken Sie bitte an:

French flag

If there is no service contact listed for your country, please check our distributor overview page for the distributor contact details in your country.


2-Year Warranty

In addition to the HPI commitment to Customer Service, all HPI vehicles come with an industry-leading 2 year component warranty. This provides you with reassurance that if you experience any issues with your HPI product, your local distributor or HPI Service Center will be able to resolve them for you.

The affairs, business and property of Hobby Products International Europe Limited are being managed by Eddie Williams and Nick Wood, appointed as Joint Administrators on 14 January 2016.

The Joint Administrators act as agent of the company without personal liability.

Eddie Williams is authorised by the ICAEW to act as an insolvency practitioner and Nick Wood is authorised by the IPA to act as an insolvency practitioner.

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