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HB 1/8 scale racing buggy pre-glued tire

HB Khaos tires have been designed specifically to suit a range of off-road racing conditions, and are perfect for loose dirt, clay, blue groove and damp tracks. They also work great on hard surfaces with a scattering of dust on top.

HB mounted 1/8th scale buggy tyres are fitted on #67527 large-diameter white HB buggy wheels and use the new #67773 HB Pro Molded Inner Foam for ultimate performance! The tire body has hundreds of wide rectangular lugs spaced around the carcass, providing excellent forward traction and mud-slinging ability to keep the treads clear and the tire free from dirt build-up. The square sides of the treads give supreme cornering grip for extra confidence in technical track sections. Running down the centre of the tire is a double row of tread blocks spaced even farther apart for excellent straight-line stability at high speeds. The carcass shape makes it perfect for rutted and bumpy terrain, because the curved sidewall doesn't dig in and cause grip-rolling through too much traction. Pick up a set of HB Khaos tires and you'll be running and gunning in no time! Red compound is soft for racing or low-traction surfaces. White compound is medium, great for practice and all-around use. Blue compound is firm for high-bite tracks. HB Khaos tires are ideal on nearly all dirt surfaces in a variety of conditions. #67604 HB KHAOS MOUNTED TIRE (RED/WHITE WHEEL/ 1/8 BUGGY) #67605 HB KHAOS MOUNTED TIRE (WHITE/WHITE WHEEL/ 1/8 BUGGY) Other mounted HB tires are also available: #67612 HB BLOCK MOUNTED TIRE (RED/WHITE WHEEL/1/8 BUGGY/2PCS) #67613 HB BLOCK MOUNTED TIRE (WHITE/WHITE WHEEL/1/8 BUGGY) #67595 HB MEGABITE MOUNTED TIRE (PINK/WHITE WHEEL/1/8 BUGGY/2PCS) #67596 HB MEGABITE MOUNTED TIRE (RED/WHITE WHEEL/1/8 BUGGY/2PCS) #67597 HB MEGABITE MOUNTED TIRE (WHITE/WHITE WHEEL/1/8 BUGGY/2PCS) Also check out our other HB Khaos tires! #67757 HB KHAOS TIRE (RED/1/8TH BUGGY) #67760 HB KHAOS TIRE (WHITE/1/8TH BUGGY #67770 HB KHAOS TIRE (BLUE/1/8TH BUGGY)

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The Joint Administrators act as agent of the company without personal liability.

Eddie Williams is authorised by the ICAEW to act as an insolvency practitioner and Nick Wood is authorised by the IPA to act as an insolvency practitioner.

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