Post-Race: Teemu Leino at the 1/10th IC 200mm European Championships

Sun, 17th August 2014

The final started well, I knew I just had to keep up with Robert, but after the second or third refueling, the fuel tank broke, I thought it was the engine going rich because the car wasn't shifting into second, but it was the fuel tank broken, it was a little bit open.

And then it finally broke after the 35 minute mark when we were getting refueled, then my mechanic changed to a new fuel tank and the engine was running perfect again so I lost the place there.

It was a shame though because I was only about 7 seconds behind Robert, I was second, and he had some problems at the end, so I guess I could have won, I don't know how much time he lost at the end. It's a shame but you know, that's racing. But you know, we had 2 HB cars in the final and that's a good

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