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#66460 - Jet-Stream TYPE-G RTF


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Business Jet Style and Ease The Jet-Stream Type G takes the concept of the business jet down to a manageable size to let you fly in luxury and style! Available with or without the radio gear and other electronics, this is a fun and fast plane to fly wherever you can. With its realistic looks and friendly flight characteristics, this will be the first plane you reach for when you want to impress your friends! With powerful dual brushless motors and long-life lithium-polymer batteries, you get plenty of flight time and loads of power! The brushless motors and the enclosed motor pods sound amazing in flight, you have to hear them in action! Enclosed Motor Pods The Jet-Stream Type G encloses both brushless-type motors in realistic engine covers which look just like the real thing! The covers also help the motors produce more thrust and protect the propellers. Super-Light Foam Construction The entire aircraft, from nose to tail, is made from a space age foam material that is highly resistant to crash damage yet extra light in the air. This gives you a strong and durable plane that is easy to launch and fly! Ready-To-Fly Electronics Whether this is your first RC aircraft or just the latest addition to your hangar, you'll have a fun and easy time getting airborne with 456MB! 456MB RTF kits have all of the electronics are pre-installed in the fuselage, so you don't have to spend any time getting things ready. Complete printed instructions show you exactly what you need to do to get going, plus a professionally produced instruction DVD with step-by-step assembly instructions is provided in every 456MB box. Every 456MB RTF plane includes the complete aircraft kit plus a multi-channel radio transmitter, crystal set, rechargeable plane battery, battery charger, electronic speed controller, motor and tuned propeller. With all 456MB RTF plane kits you get an advanced 4-channel radio transmitter which goes beyond the 2- or 3-channel radios you get from other starter RC aircraft. This allows you to get used to the habits and controls that will allow you to fly expert-level aircraft with ease as you grow in flying experience. You can also use the radio with other model aircraft very easily. With 456MB, you get the total package to advance your flying skills! The ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) version of the Jet-Stream Type G features everything the RTF version does, except there are no electronics included in the kit. You will need to provide the complete radio system, flight battery, a dual-motor electronic speed controller, and two motors. Easy to Use Charger and Battery The charger included with the RTF version couldn't be easier to use - simply attach it to your 12v car battery, plug in the lithium-polymer plane battery and the charger will automatically charge the battery. After about an hour, the battery will be fully charged to the correct voltage and you're ready for flight! The clamp-style power connectors allow you to recharge batteries at the flying field for maximum convenience and time in the air. You can also use the charger at home with a 12-volt power supply, available at any hobby shop. Jet-Stream Type-B Models 1. 66460 Jet-Stream TYPE-G RTF (includes fuselage, main wing, elevator, propellers, motors installed, speed controller installed, micro servos installed, 4-channel radio, battery for plane, battery charger, printed instructions, 456MB training DVD) 2. 66468 Jet-Stream TYPE-G ARF (includes fuselage, main wing, elevator, printed instructions, 456MB training DVD) Specifications 1. Type of plane: Business Jet 2. Pilot Level: Advanced 3. Fuselage material: Foam 4. Wing material: Foam 5. Speed control: Brushless 6. Motor: Dual Brushless 7. Battery: Lithium Polymer, 11.1v 1000mAh, with balancing plug 8. Charger: 12v DC Balancing Lithium Polymer Rapid Charger (1 hr, clamp-on connector) 9. Wingspan: 900mm 10. Length: 940mm 11. Wing Area: 11.475 square dm 12. Wing Load: 32.24 grams per dm 13. Weight, ready to fly: approximately 400g 14. Radio: 4-channel, 35mHz 15. Type of tail section: Conventional 16. RTF/ARF: both available What You Need Both models require: 1. 8 AA batteries for both models ARF version also requires: 1. 3-channel radio transmitter 2. receiver 3. 2 motors 4. 2 micro servos 5. battery 6. charger

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