HB's Teemu Leino is the World's Top Qualifier!

Fri, 16th November 2012

Follow RC Racing TV live at the 1/10th IC World Championships in Thailand, where HB team driver Teemu Leino has stamped his authority on the proceedings by grabbing the Top Qualifier position from the World's best drivers! Together with teammates Atsushi Hara and Andy Moore, Teemu is one of the small team of HB R10 drivers at the Worlds.

Teemu is one of just 2 drivers who have been able to make 40 laps in qualifying, with newly crowne electric touring car World Champion Jilles Grosskamp the other driver to get 40 laps. These are the only two drivers who don't have to worry about bumping up into the main event, whereas all other drivers have to race in the semi-final and lower races and hope to finish high enough to 'bump up' into the higher main events. There are a number of former World, European and national champions that will be eager to get into the A Final, as well as hot up and coming racers, so the competition is fierce! To follow the final races live, go to the RC Racing TV site! To follow the final round of qualifying with the awesome HB R10 racing car, click here! You can also watch interviews with the HB team!

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