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#102784 - HPI SF-10 SERVO(4.5kg-cm6.0V)

Standard Servo/Futaba J Connector

Descatalogado, Repuesto: #104105

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Beef up the steering of your buggy or truck with the powerful HPI SF-10 servo! With a speed of 0.18 seconds to move 60 degrees and a monster 4.5kg of power per centimeter (at 6 volts, the standard power from a 5-cell receiver battery), you get strong steering at low or high speeds if using the SF-10 as a steering servo, or extremely strong brakes if using it as a throttle/brake servo.

The SF-10 uses a standard Futaba 'J' connector so it's a simple matter to connect it to any RC receiver, so it will work in any RC car or truck.

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