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#73818 - TVP CHASSIS GRAPHITE 3mm (2pcs)

Savage/Light Weight and High Rigidity/Great Appearance

Descatalogado, Repuesto: #73831

3mm woven Graphite TVP Chassis set for the Savage monster truck! Every monster truck racer wants to have the best-looking truck at the track, and it's hard to go wrong with woven graphite! Available for all Savage owners, these TVP chassis plates bolt right onto the Savage using the existing screws, so no extra parts are needed to get the "racing look". These new Savage options aren't just for looks, either. Made from high quality woven graphite, these precision machined 3mm thick TVP chassis plates will stand up to the rigors of long-jumping, racing and just about anything else a Savage monster truck owner can think of! The light weight achieved by using woven graphite will be appreciated by Savage racers too, since as everyone knows, lighter is better on the race track!

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