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Factory preassembled and ready to rock and roll! When driving is more important than tinkering, this is the way to keep up with the fast paced world. Please see page-22 in the Hellfire Instruction Manual for wire-diagram details. This differential kit includes every part listed to make your spare time spent driving instead of assembling: #85500 DIFFERENTIAL CASE #85500 METAL INSERT FOR DIFFERENTIAL CASE #86032 BEVEL GEAR (P1x20T/SINTERED METAL) #86099 DIFF CASE WASHER 0.7mm #86520 DIFF SHAFT 13x30mm #86521 BEVEL GEAR P1x10T (MODIFIED 86033) #86522 BEVEL GEAR 42TOOTH #33406 SHAFT 4x27mm FOR 4 BEVEL DIFF #87352 WASHER 4x10x0.15mm #6811 O-RING 6x9.5x1.9(Black) #B085 BALL BEARING 8x16x5mm #Z085 FLAT HEAD SCREW M3x15mm (HEX SOCKET) #Z164 HEAVY DUTY GREASE #Z260 PIN 2.5x12mm #Z721 SET SCREW M4x4mm #Z904 ALLEN WRENCH 2.0mm

The affairs, business and property of Hobby Products International Europe Limited are being managed by Eddie Williams and Nick Wood, appointed as Joint Administrators on 14 January 2016.

The Joint Administrators act as agent of the company without personal liability.

Eddie Williams is authorised by the ICAEW to act as an insolvency practitioner and Nick Wood is authorised by the IPA to act as an insolvency practitioner.

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