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Savage/Changes suspension geometry for faster lap times

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The Savage Suspension Conversion Set fits all Savage trucks and includes new Aluminium Upper Arm Braces, Aluminium Knuckles, Aluminium Knuckle Carriers, Aluminium Rear Spindle Carriers, Adjustable Upper Arm Link Set, thread lock, screws, wrench and complete installation instructions.

The conversion lowers the roll centre, improves steering response and provides more tuning options for faster lap times on the racetrack. The machined billet aluminium parts also add strength and durability. All alloy parts are purple anodized for custom look that matches other HPI factory option parts.

The Aluminum Knuckles and Aluminum Knuckle Carrier add more caster angle for improved handling characteristics. These Aluminum parts increase the strength and durability of the truck.

Aluminum Rear Spindle Carrier is stronger and adds more durability. Built-in toes angle also eliminates the need for the stock toe linkage rod assembly for a simple and clean rear suspension.

Aluminum Upper Arm Brace
adjusts the roll cent by changing the location of the inner camber link mounts. This reduces the amount of chassis roll, improving overall on-track performance.

Adjustable Upper Arm Link Set
allows you to the tune the front and rear camber angles for the optimum performance.

To extracting every ounce of driving performance from your Savage, we recommend the addition of Nubsz Conversion Set with 17mm UV Joints along with the Savage Low CG Racing Chassis Set in addition to this Suspension Conversion Set. This is the ultimate set of modifications to drastically change the Savages' driving characteristics and to transform the Savage to an all out race capable machine, while maintaining the trademark Savage “bashability!”

Combine this package with NUBS Tire Conversion Sets: #87232 or #87233

LOWER CG CHASSIS Conversion Kit #87248

IMPORTANT! You cannot run this conversion set with four front shocks. Instructions are included for set-up with two front shocks.

Descarga las instrucciones en PDF para #87245 (6.5 MB)

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