Iceland Savage Hill Climb 2010!

Mon, 17th May 2010

Another year, and another big Icelandic hill climb event! Not letting the eruption of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano disrupt the party, the Icelandic HPI/HB distributor organized their yearly Savage Hill Climb last weekend!

It was an extremely close event, with many of the competitors very even and the battling extra-tough! First place was hill climb regular Loftur Matthiasson with his modified Savage monster truck, taking the top spot by 60 points over second place Vidar Thor Vidarsson! Third place was Runar Olafsson, just missing out on the tie-break with Vidar. Congratulations to Loftur, and thanks to everyone who participated! HPI Europe provided prizes for the top 3 racers! For many more great pictures of the RC *and* full-size hill climb trucks and jeeps, check out this Flickr photo album! Click here for videos of the hill-climbing! Final Results 1.Loftur Matthiasson 820 points 2. Vidar Thor Vidarsson 780 - 3. Runar Olafsson 780 - 4. Bjorn Steinarsson 770 - 5. Ishmael David 760 - 6. Hafthor Hallgrimsson 720 - 7. Sigurdur Eliasson 700 - 8. Daniel Hinriksson 670 - 9. Sindri Atlason 630 - 10. Sigurdur Georgsson 520 - 11. Bjorn Kristinn Andresson 500 - 12. Brynjar Gretarsson 480 - 13-14. Atli Elvar Bjornsson 460 - 13-14. Mani Sigurbjornsson 460 - 15-16. Karl Lund 440 - 15-16. Sigurthor Ragnarsson 440 - 17. Simon Petur Ragnarsson 430 - 18. Kristinn Sigurdsson 410 - 19. Garðar Rafn Sigurdsson 390 - 20. Elmar Kristinsson 340 - 21. Magnus Jonsson 140 - DNF Next year's Iceland Savage Hill Climb is scheduled for the 2nd of June - mark your calendars! For some extra-cool pictures of the volcano that's been disrupting air travel for weeks, click here!

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