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HPI Die-Cast Sneak Peek!

Thu, 25th May 2006

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new models being introduced into the HPI Die-Cast collection!

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Latest News From HotBodies

Tue, 23rd May 2006

Hotbodies are storming into the competitive world of RC Racing-Bodyshells, with the launch of their new product range of competition touring car bodies. They are researched, developed and designed by Europe's very own HB Race Team Champion Andy Moore and are officially named

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Don't Forget To Watch......

Fri, 19th May 2006

That's right, we are making another appearance on Series 2 of No Girls Allowed! After winning an award for Channel 5, the boys are back on Saturday-morning telly! Remember the famous R40 v WRC Rally Car race? We've also done window-smashing jump contests against a freestyle...

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Hot Bodies Launch New Pro Touring Car!

Fri, 12th May 2006

Want to be part of the Cyclone trend? Not sure if you want to splash the cash on a high end car? Then Hot Bodies has the answer - the new Cyclone S. The 1/10th scale touring car, Cyclone S is the ultimate sport race car with all the world class features and the proven fast...

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Fit a Steel Spur Set to your Savage X

Tue, 9th May 2006

Savage 25's popular option part the Steel Spur Gear Set can now fit onto your Savage X, with only 2 additional parts. Download the step by step tutorial and find out how you can improve the durability of the Savage X with any of the three Steel Spur Gear Sets. Download the...

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  • SAVAGE XL 5.9 2.0 RTR

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