Andy Moore from the 1:10th Nitro Touring Car Euro's: Post-Qualifying

Sat, 16th August 2014

Qualifying went OK for me, the first round put me 14th or 15th overall, but in the second round yesterday we had a short bit of rain that erased all the traction from the track. The organisers waited about 20 or 30 minutes for the track to dry, and it did, I suggested to them that they should open the track for practice to get some traction back on the surface but they ran my group as the next heat on the track and the track was like ice!

So I didn't get a good second run, and during the other 2 heats the track was so hot almost no one improved, but a few guys did so I was bumped down the order. I'm qualified into the quarter final now, so I'll have to bump up into the semi with the top 14 and of course I hope to make the semi-final so I can try to get into the Main.

I've been getting loads of help from Team HB and the other British racers so things are looking up for me now, I had so much trouble earlier in the week it's just nice to qualify as high as I did. 

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