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#67992 - HB DSJ-2ST (Hi Torque Type)

HB High Performance Hi Torque Type Digital Servo


Hot Bodies digital servos combine speed, reliability and toughness in one highly efficient unit! We offer two dialled-in types of digital servos to make your choices easy. Both are very strong yet fast, but the #67991 DSJ-1SS is fastest with an amazing transit time of 0.06 seconds per centimeter of movement with a strength of 13kg per cm! The #67992 DSJ-2ST is nearly as fast at 0.09 seconds per centimeter, but has a whopping 16kg per cm of holding power!

Specification: #67992 DSJ-2ST High Torque Digital Servo For Touring Car and 1/8th scale Buggies Speed: 0.09sec/cm Torque: 16kg/cm Specification: #67991 DSJ-1SS High Speed Digital Servo For Touring Car and 1/8th scale Buggies Speed: 0.06sec/cm Torque: 13kg/cm DSJ-1SS/DSJ-2ST

  • Weight 67g
  • Steel/Aluminum Hybrid Gears
  • Sanwa/JR Type Servo Horns
  • Sanwa/JR Type Connector
  • Steel and Aluminum hybrid gear construction
  • 40.5 x 40 x 21mm
  • Servo lead wire: 20cm

The affairs, business and property of Hobby Products International Europe Limited are being managed by Eddie Williams and Nick Wood, appointed as Joint Administrators on 14 January 2016.

The Joint Administrators act as agent of the company without personal liability.

Eddie Williams is authorised by the ICAEW to act as an insolvency practitioner and Nick Wood is authorised by the IPA to act as an insolvency practitioner.

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