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E-FIRESTORM FLUX/Black/Red/Painted/Decaled/Pre-Cut

Снято с производства

Available from HPI Racing is the pre-painted DSX-2 body from the E-Firestorm Flux line of trucks. This is the easy way to restore the factory fresh new look for your truck, or go for a change of pace with new colors. This variation of the DSX-2 body uses multiple shades of red, silver and black in a swirling array of flames, and it fits perfectly on E-Firestorm Flux and E-Firestorm trucks, as well as some other 1/10th scale stadium trucks. It comes pre-painted, pre-decaled, and pre-trimmed. Just bolt it on and you're ready to go!

  • Photorealistic, premium, pre-applied vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, grille, tail lights, roll bars, official logos and more - For a perfect finish with a lot of details
  • High quality polycarbonate with excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance - For extra strength and longer life
  • Pre-drilled body post holes
  • Fits HPI E-Firestorm Flux and E-Firestorm - Fitting on other 1/10th scale trucks might require additional drilling for holes or body mounts
  • Spoiler and mounting screws mounted
  • Decals already applied!
A cool black, silver & white version is also available! #7796 DSX-2 PAINTED BODY (BLACK/RED) #7797 DSX-2 PAINTED BODY (BLACK/SILVER/WHITE)

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