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#61510 - SHOCK SPRING 14x70x1.1mm 13.75colis (REAR/PINK/36gf/2pcs)

Tune your Cyclone D4 for all track conditions with the full range of Hot Bodies racing springs! Made to exacting standards and measured in grams of force per millimeter, these are the most precise matched springs you can get for any racing buggy. Both ends each spring are ground flat for consistent performance left and right.

One end of each spring is colour-coded so you know what springs you are running, but your competition won't. The rest of the spring is coated in a tough dark colour which looks great on the track and won't rub or flake off.

Sold in pairs.

#61503 - SHOCK SPRING 14x40x1.1mm (BLACK 63gf)
#61504 - SHOCK SPRING 14x40x1.1mm (WHITE 68gf/)
#61505 - SHOCK SPRING 14x40x1.1mm (PINK 74gf)

#61508 - SHOCK SPRING 14x70x1.1mm (BLACK 34gf/)
#61509 - SHOCK SPRING 14x70x1.1mm (WHITE 35gf)
#61510 - SHOCK SPRING 14x70x1.1mm (PINK 36gf)

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