24hr Blitz Race in France! 5-6 Feb 2011

Thu, 4th November 2010

WOW! The Model Club Thorois in France is organizing a team race for the HPI Blitz in February, which will pit teams of up to 6 drivers each against each other in a blazing fight to the finish line! The trucks must be mostly stock (HPI options and any batteries are allowed - maximum of 5300mAh) so the racing will be fair, low-cost and most importantly CLOSE!

The race fee is €100 for the whole team, so a 6-member team will pay just €17 each - bargain! Complete details can be found in the flyer (see the pictures below) or at this link: Règlement 24h Hiver 2011 The race is sponsored and supported by: HPI Racing HB Avio et Tiger, our French distributor Avioracing LRP Electronic RC Power Modelisme Magazine R/C Racing Cars Magazine

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