Post-Qualifying: Adrien Bertin at the EFRA 1/10 IC 200mm European Championships

Sat, 16th August 2014

My qualifying went not so well! I struggled a bit with the track conditions, this is really the first time I've driven the car with such low grip on the track, I couldn't get the setup that fits my driving, so it was OK but I missed the last couple of tenths to make it straight into the semi final (top 14 drivers). It's not so far, about 2 seconds over 5 minutes but it's very complicated to get that last little bit of time. 

Now for the quarter final it will be racing instead of qualifying, so it will also change how everyone will drive. In the last qualifying round it looks like I got a better way to set up the car, so we'll try to get things working the way I'd like for the quarter final. Of course I'd like to make the main final but first my goal is to make the semi. It's only the top 3 that make it into the semi for bump-up so it will be hard!

For me it's mainly the lack of experience on low-grip tracks, my home track is quite high grip, so the R10 is quite good there but I haven't been able to get the right setup for me like Teem, so we keep on working!