Post-Race: Andy Moore at the 1:10th Nitro Touring Car Euro's

Sun, 17th August 2014

I'm very happy to have made the Main, considering how everything started at the end of the week! We started with no race car, no bags (our luggage went missing), then radio problems for days and all the rest of it. So obviously very happy to have made the Main, that was great.

I was going to running probably one less stop than everyone else, I was running longer on fuel, so it could have come good at the end, if I'd been able to finish! But unfortunately I made a mistake, I clipped the end of the main straight, went upside-down and out of control and the car hit the catch fence at the end of the straight with the rear end first. I had a little more understeer than I wanted to and I was having to be careful at the end of the main straight and unfortunately got it wrong this time.

But it was good to get 2 cars into the Main, me and Teemu, so that was nice. I think we're going to look good at the Worlds in Thailand, so looking forward to that.